Человеческий разум — странная штука. Однако у него свои резоны. В мгновенной вспышке озарения он может провидеть непрожитую жизнь, несбывшиеся надежды, пустоту и тишину там, где могли быть звуки, могла быть любовь…

Филип Дик

The mind is strange, but it has its reasons. The mind sees in a single glimpse life unlived, hopes unrewarded, emptiness and silence where there should have been noise and love.. .

Филип Киндред Дик (англ. Philip Kindred Dick) — американский писатель-фантаст.

Philip Kindred Dick was an American writer known for his work in science fiction. His work explored philosophical, social, and political themes, with stories dominated by monopolistic corporations, alternative universes, authoritarian governments, and altered states of consciousness. His writing also reflected his interest in metaphysics and theology, and often drew upon his life experiences in addressing the nature of reality, identity, drug abuse, schizophrenia, and transcendental experiences. A variety of popular films based on Dick’s works have been produced, including Blade Runner (1982), Total Recall (adapted twice: in 1990 and in 2012), Minority Report (2002), A Scanner Darkly (2006), The Adjustment Bureau (2011), and Blade Runner 2049 (2017).

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